The Blayney Years

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Double Album
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48 Great songs


1 Feeling Single Seeing Double
2 Heaven Around Galway Bay
3 Adios, Farwell, Goodbye
4 I Don't Wanna Play House
5 Did You Ever Hear the Robin Sing?
6 What I've got in Mind
7 Keep on the Sunnyside
8 Wrong Road Again
9 Coat of Many Colours
10 Where is my Nora?
11 Sing me an Old Fashioned Song
12 The Wild Side of Life
13 I Can Feel the Leaving coming on
14 Patches in Heaven
15 That's a No No
16 If You Want Me
17 Time Can't Erase
18 BIG TOM is still the King
19 Papas Wagon
20 Dreaming My Dreams
21 Tabernacle Tom
22 I Don't Believe you've met my Baby
23 Gentleman on my Mind
24 Country Music in My Soul
25 Down River Road
26 Daddy Come and Get me
27 Hi Fi to Cry By
28 Good ole Country Music
29 The Awareness of Nothing
30 57 Chevrolet
31 My Blue Tears
32 Baby Nothing's Wrong with Me
33 Mamma Say a Special Prayer for Me
34 That Little Boy of Mine
35 More Precious Than Ever is Jesus
36 It Don't take much to make me Cry
37 The other side of the morning
38 Take Me Back
39 Lie to Linda
40 Sparkling Look of Love
41 I Don't Want to wear Diamonds
42 Your old Handy Man
43 Seeing is Believing
44 I'm not that Good at Goodbye
45 Under Cover Lovers
46 Isle of Ireland
47 Nickels & Dimes
48 All The Love I have I give to You